1963 Honda CA102 Super Cub

It's rare that we start on bikes that run, are complete, or are in anything close to a serviceable condition.

This 1963 Honda CA102 Super Cub was no different, as it was pulled from the back of an urban garage packed with several 1950's era cars, toys—basically a picker's dream.

The condition of the bike was, on the surface, deplorable. Underneath was a solid frame, and the old Japanese chrome polished up nicely.

Missing more than just a few parts meant lots of sourcing and patience awaiting the many, many deliveries. In the end, she came out nicely. The Lifan engine swap was controversial, but ended up making it a very rideable suburban grocery-getter and the C90 "race" exhaust gave it a surprising growl.

It ended up being a bit of a sleeper with very classic styling, despite several modernizing updates.





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