Your bike is ridiculously important to you, even to the point of being an extension of yourself, and we understand that. Every bike that comes to us for service or routine maintenance is treated as one of our own, because we truly love motorcycles. 

We are a full-service shop that can tackle the often-baffling issues that vintage motorcycles present. Call us gremlin-hunters, if you like! We will give honest, up-front quotes whenever possible and do everything in our power to remain within that quote. If additional work is needed, you will always hear from us for your approval of that work before it's done. We are open about our opinions on service needs and will give you our suggestion, but never sell work that isn't necessary.

Our modus operandi is community. We build relationships with clients, not a bank account from customers. Your bike matters to us because, truly, you matter to us. 

In addition to the usual repair services, we now offer full-spectrum oil analysis that's available as an add-on with oil changes. 

Contact us at your convenience to start a conversation about your motorcycle, and how we can be a part of its story.