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Q & A with Emma Thieme

We've all been there, cruising through photos on Instagram and admiring the amazing design and craftsmanship of a truly custom bike. Whether you are currently working on a project, seeking inspiration for an upcoming build, or just trying to spruce up a few of the major points of your bike, one aspect continues to jump out -- the seat. To most, it seems like black magic, or at least something that requires a significant blessing from the motorcycle gods. Motorcycle seat design and upholstery has undeniably become one of the most important parts of a build. It can be, though, one of the most elusive and difficult if your game isn't on point. To help get a better handle on the...

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Q & A with Kat Stovall

You've probably already heard of or seen Kat and her red CB175 as it has made several notable rounds on the interwebs. I seized an opportunity to interview her, and had all my assumptions of awesome confirmed. Both Kat and "Moxxi" are amazing, but you probably already knew that. If you need a reminder, read on! - Photo by @branchphoto -  Standard starter question: What's something you want everyone to know about you, but they may not? I’ve heard all of the cat jokes, and none of them are funny. Your Instagram username is "gutterskump," how in the world did you come up with that? It’s my birth name. No, it’s just a dumb, made-up word from high school that I...

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Q & A with Taryn Nycek

I "met" Taryn a couple of weeks ago through the wonders of social media. Recognizing her crystal-clear passion for old bikes, I reached out to her. I immediately realized what a great move that was, and we've had some great conversations about vintage bikes, the culture, and sort of talking like old friends. What happened? Community happened. She readily agreed to a literary interview, which I present to you all below. Get to know a little about someone you probably should've already known.    What are a few things about you that you always want people to know? The basics, so to speak. “I always want people to know that I am going to be a pain in the ass,...

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